Laura Knows How to Do It

Laura’s Experience:

Just stumbled on this after my friend called me odd when I stopped my hiccups in the office today :) I googled it in a bid to prove I can’t be the only person in the world who can do this and found this article! :) I do exactly the same: control my breathing, breathe in and out hard and deliberately and concentrate. It won’t work if I can’t concentrate properly. Never fails when done right :) I have tried to explain this to people before but it never seems to work for them.

Arun Gains Control of His Hiccups!

Arun reports:

Since I was 10 I have been working to control what are normally involuntary responses or muscles, and I was able to teach myself to wiggle my ears, control my heartbeat to a large extent, pop my ears (or repressurize them even!) at will, but I could never quite control hiccups until I found this page, so thank you!

I knew this must be another controllable action since one of my friends has been able to do this for a few years, so when I was hiccuping one day I checked the web to see if others with the ability had managed to explain a method for achieving this, and I stumbled across this page, followed the instructions, and now I’m glad to say I can add it to my list! Thank you!!

And I share his ability to open my eustachian tubes on command to pop my ears!

Omri Mastered the Art of Stopping His Hiccups

Omri reported on his experience:

Great to see this post!
I was looking for other people who are able to stop breathing just by will and glad this is on.
It seems that we use similar methods, they serve the same purpose, but on a different perspective.
Instead on focusing on the muscles, I focus on the hiccup thought and not let it through.
Well, I guess it sounds strange.
The same purpose is by keeping the focus and intention on stopping it yourself, controlling your own body. So, glad to hear you and the other people here managed too!

Jane Taught Herself

Jane reports that she, too, taught herself:

This is exactly what I taught myself to do, just at at a slightly later age, by about a year. I knew I could do it, I just couldn’t explain what was happening, so my family and friends all thought I was doing some kind of magic.
Now that I think about it, this is exactly what was going on. I guarantee this method works- every time. Maybe now I can spread the word!

Mosquito Does It!

Mosquito (I suspect not his real name) reports:

I also can do this and largely follow your steps (or technique) but I had never been able to explain them to anyone, it is such a weird thing. I’ve done this for a long time, since I’m a teenager. I need to sit quiet though and to concentrate on my respiration and it will stop after a few hiccups. I’m not at the stage where I just tell myself to stop and it will.

Don’t ask me how I found out that this worked on me (I think it can work on anyone) but whilst my other half gets really stressed when he starts with hiccups that can last *hours* I can get rid of it easily. I will bookmark this page so he can read your explanation!

Adam Reports Success!

Adam reports that he and his girlfriend have succeeded using this method!

Ive never looked anything like this up before but about 6 months ago i randomly thought to myself after hicuping (DONT HICCUP) and without breathing differently as such it stopped. I assumed it was a fluke but every time i get the hiccups since then i rarely let more than 1 or 2 out before i remember i can stop them and by the time i realise this they stop, my girlfriend laughed at me but i was quite happy i no longer have to put up with them and since then shes strangely met someone else since then who also recently learnt to do exactly what i did!

Charlie Succeeds!

Reader Charlie Wrote Reports Success:

That’s cool. I attempted what you were explaining; something like clenching my esophagus, while inhaling/exhaling a few times, and my hiccups immediately stopped. First try.

This reminds me of my recently deceased friend who had convinced himself that everything, Everything was merely an instantiation of will/desire/perception. He had also learned to stop his hiccups at will, but concluded that it was merely is decision to stop which ceased the spasm. I had tried unsuccessfully to simply tell myself to stop for a few years. Out of curiously I Google’d “hiccup at will” which brought me to this page. After reading your post I attempted your method and ceased my hiccups instantaneously. I have nothing to say but, interesting.