HM’s Method

I too amaze friends and family by allowing hiccups to continue or stopping them at any time. no special breathing or effort required. I even tell them to ask me to stop any time i hiccup and poof they are gone. The hiccups have a trigger nerve or muscle at the base of your throat, just above your chest plate that gets tense or aggravated. All I do is concentrate for a split second on that nerve* and relax it and once i feel it relax i know the hiccups are over. The hard part for you is to be able to isolate that tense nerve and relax it. I assume the breathing instructions given here somehow perform this task in a roundabout manner.
remember the trigger is not the diaphragm, the diaphragm is the reaction to the trigger nerve.
I am definitely no doctor, but for getting rid of hiccups, i am The Master!