About Me

My name is Quinxy and some 30+ years ago, when I was around 10-12, I taught myself to stop hiccuping at will by the method I described.

Maybe not surprising to many of you who have also taught myself this talent, I have taught myself a lot of other curious things as well…

Other things I have learned to control:

  • I can open my eustachian tubes and “pop my ears” at will.
  • I can lucid dream at will (any time I want I can close my eyes and do a little lucid dreaming).
  • I stop nightmares at will; I instantly realize it’s a dream and tell myself to wake up and I do.
  • I can stop a Charlie Horse at will; the moment the muscle locks up I tell myself to relax the calf muscle and then I flex the foot quickly a couple of times and it stops.
  • I can stop back muscle spasms at will; I instantly relax all the muscles in the back and thereby limit the damage (where I used to hurt considerably for days now I’m just mildly sore for a day).
  • I can ignore any degree of fleeting, harmless pain; if I know a source of pain is non-damaging (pulling hair, electrical shocks of save volts/amperage) then I am extremely good at telling myself to ignore the pain and disregarding it. Sadly if I fear physical harm or it’s physical illness (even a cold/sore throat) related then I am not very effective at ignoring pain.

I did learn early on that trying to control your body can become problematic…

  • I learned to instantly stop crying, to become hyper fascinated with the experience of sorrow while experiencing sorrow.  But this was a monstrous skill; when something sad happens you need to feel sad.  So, I had to learn to stop interfering with those emotions.
  • I also became so good at detecting I was dreaming that I began aborting every dream (well, a statistically significant number of them, all that I was aware of).   In my attempt to control dreaming, choose what I dreamt about, and stop any bad dream, I somehow stopped being able to just dream normally.  Eventually I got back to normal, still somewhat able to stop very bad dreams without the loss of good ones.

If anyone is interested I can describe in some more detail how I control some of the things above.

What about you?  What can you control?