Stop Hiccuping Now: The Quinxy Method!

Want to stop hiccuping forever? You can! I did, and many other people have stopped hiccuping as well.  I can teach you how!

With these methods, and a little practice, you’ll soon be able to stop hiccuping the moment you realize you started. No glasses of water needed, no paper bags, no need for a friend to scare you, you just realize you are hiccuping and stop, instantly, before the next hiccup arrives. It never fails!

Want to learn? It’s really easy.

The key is learning to control your diaphragm. And it’s not hard to do. Next time you hiccup, instead of breathing normally, effortlessly, breathe with all the involved (and related) muscles in your chest and abdomen rigid. Breathe slow, medium-deep breaths, but as you breathe in and out have all the muscles tense such that you are tightly controlling the in and out of your breath. Think of it like lifting a barbell. Lifting a bar bell up and down is pretty easy when you do it quickly, the true exercise comes from lifting the weight and lowering it very slowly, letting the muscles actively control the fineness of the motion. And, as you are doing this very rigid controlled breathing, also try to focus on so controlling your breathing (and thus your diaphragm) that it doesn’t have the chance to spasm. With a little practice your hiccups will go away. And eventually it will go away without the need to do anything but realize you are hiccuping, you won’t need to tighten any muscles or alter your breathing. But don’t expect it to stop the first time you try this method, don’t put that much pressure on yourself! It may take several episodes of hiccuping before you gain mastery of your diaphragm!

So join me and thousands of others who have said goodbye to hiccuping forever!

So, to review…

Instructions for Learning to Control Your Hiccups with the Quinxy Method:

  • Slow your breathing
  • Tighten all the muscles in your chest/abdomen such that you are controlling your in and out breath with your entire chest
  • Breathe in all the way, and out all the way
  • Focus on trying to so tightly control your breathing that there is no opportunity for the diaphragm to spasm
  • Do the above for several minutes, stopping once the hiccups go
  • If the hiccups don’t go away in the first episode, relax, and try it again next time. It may take a few tries!

And when you do learn, let us know so we can learn from and share your experience!